My SEO Data Plans

My SEO Data is all about transparency and accountably. As innovators, we have created our own propriety Web Analytics product as a stand-alone solution or part of our SEO solutions.

My SEO Data Web Analytics Dashboard Will Capture Data In Real-Time. No More Guessing or Manual Work

Heatmaps Analytics A Revolutionary Tool Showing User's Interactions On Your Site. Heatmap Analysis Is Key For Understanding User Experience (U/X), Engagements, and Content

We Will Capture All Calls & Form Fills In Details. We Can Also Capture Chat Leads in Details. This Takes Away The Guessing Game For Your Marketing Campaigns

Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

Our Web analytics real-time dashboard will capture all the website traffic, engagement, leads/conversions, and heatmaps. Plus, we will capture all the calls via our call tracking feature which will capture the details of your calls. This feature is important in terms of monetizing your campaigns, but also for quality control for your staff.

  • All standard Web Analytics Data will be captured!!!

    Top keywords, Keywords Ranking and search engines, websites, social media websites, top page URLs, page titles, user countries, providers, operating system, browser market share, screen resolution, desktop VS mobile, engagement (time on site, pages per visit, repeated visits), top campaigns, custom variables, top entry/exit pages, downloaded files, and many more, classified into four main analytics report categories-Visitors, Actions, Referrers, Goals/Ecommerce (30+ reports/optional).

Standard Features

Real time data updates

Watch real time flow of visits to your website. Get a detailed view of your visitors, pages they have visited and goals they have triggered.

Customizable dashboard

Create new dashboards with widget configuration fit to your needs.

All websites dashboard

The best way to get an overview of what is happening on all your websites at once.

Analytics for Ecommerce

(Optional Feature/ E-Commerce Only)

Understand and improve your online business thanks to advanced Ecommerce analytics features

Event Tracking

Measure any interaction of users on your websites and apps.

Content Tracking

Measure impressions and clicks and CTR for image banners, text banners and any element on your pages.

Site Search Analytics

Track searches done on your internal search engine.

Pages Transitions

View what visitors did before and after viewing specific pages.

Custom Dimensions

Assign any custom data to your visitors or actions (like pages, events, …) and then visualize the reports of how many visits, conversions, page views, etc. there were for each custom dimension.

Accurately measure the time spent by visitors on your website

(provides a more accurate bounce rate metric).


Locate your visitors for accurate detection of country, region, city or organization. View the visitor’s statistics on a world map by country, region or city. View your latest visitors in real time.

No Data Limit

You can keep all your data, without any storage limits, forever!

Track traffic from search engines

More than 800 different search engines tracked!

Scheduled email reports (PDF and HTML reports)

Embed reports in your app or website (40+ widgets available) or embed PNG Graphs in any custom page, email, or app.

Visitor Profile

Helps you understand each visitor’s individual behavior by summarizing and listing all their visits.

Heatmap Analytics

Heatmaps, scroll maps and Clicks of your users displayed in beautiful overlay Heatmap reports.

Custom Variables

Similar to Custom Dimensions: custom name-value pair that you can assign to your visitors (or page views) using the JavaScript Tracking API, and then visualize the reports of how many visits, conversions, etc. for each custom variable.

Goal Conversion Tracking

Goals can be triggered when specific page URLs or page titles are viewed, when visitors stay for a certain amount of time on the website, or when custom events/file downloads/out links are clicked.

Site speed and page speed reports

Keeps track of how fast your website delivers content to your visitors. Track different user interactions. Automatic tracking of file downloads, clicks on external website links, optional tracking of 404 pages.

Analytics Campaign Tracking

Track your Newsletters, any ads (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and custom ads), automatically detects Google Analytics campaign parameters in your URLs, and more.

Session Recording

Record all real visitor activities on a page, such as, clicks, mouse movements, scrolls, window resizes, page changes, and form interactions. You can then replay these interactions in a video to see exactly how a visitor interacted with your website.

Custom Reports

The Dashboard will include custom reports that can be downloaded and shared with your team. You will have access to information you need in order to be successful and gain new insights.

Call Tracking & Form Fill Tracking Features

One of the biggest features of our Web Analytics dashboard is the ability to track the calls that you receive from your marketing and websites.

This is one of the most important features for most companies who market to clients. This could be idea for verticals like real estate, mechanics, auto body parts, restaurants/pizza, and health professionals like Doctors and Dentist offices . When you create marketing campaigns such as SEO marketing, PPC marketing, Email marketing, Social Media marketing, It is important to have a tool that allows you to see what you are spending and monetizing the campaigns. It allows you to track the calls that comingto your website, a specific phone number, and the call duration. You will be able to listen to the recorded conversation for quality control and training.

Plus, we will capture in detail the form fills submitted via your website and chats. If you have Chat Box, this may help you capture your leads from the chats.

  • Call Tracking
  • Google & Bing Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Form Tracking
  • Chat Conversions
  • Lead Management